Sorry, the congregation is over capacity…

On Twitter, when the system has more requests than it can handle, an image is displayed of a giant white whale being carried by a bunch of little birds.  Every time I see it I wonder what it would be like if our congregations and/or ministers could somehow display a similar over capacity warning.

Update:  Lots of possible captions for this one.  As one comment notes, its not all about staff.  We need volunteers.  And we also need a sense of purpose. We need passion, humor, accountability and on and on…  Below is a blank you can download (as someone has already requested).  Any caption ideas?

Click to open image file

6 thoughts on “Sorry, the congregation is over capacity…

  1. While this is true about staffing, I wonder what we are missing by not really harnessing the power of volunteers through covenant. What would happen if volunteers were willing (which most under the age of 40 are) to be in right relationship with the paid staff to accomplish meaningful goals? Conversations about ability, limitations, accountability, and responsibility are difficult, but they are fertile ground for real spiritual growth.

    As for the picture, it could just as easily apply to some of our sanctuaries on Sunday mornings when we have standing room only. Being welcoming is difficult when you can’t even offer a seat.

  2. Love the graphic and the original caption!

    As a volunteer who put in about 30 hours of work on administrativa this week, I’m not enthusiastic about volunteers doing core staff functions. Those of us volunteers at my church carrying the heaviest load of administrative staff functions agree that it’s not the work — it’s the right relations piece that is really difficult to do, at least when you are doing volunteer work off-site, where the product, but not the work, can be witnessed by staff.

    The good news is we’re looking at this dynamic a lot this year, so as our stewardship campaign kicked off today, the emphasis was on “building infrastructure.” This directly translates to an increase in administrative and custodial staff.

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