2 seats now open for Tuesday Social Media Webinar

The remaining seats that had been on reserve for my district have been released.   As of this post there are 2 left, open to UUs from any UUA district.

Order now at http://bcduua-webinar02.eventbrite.com/

Webinar: Integrating Social Media for UU Congregations

The web has exploded and social media is changing how people relate and communicate on a daily business.  Social media tools are creating new opportunities and challenges for our congregations.

While web based communication tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube can enhance our ministry and communications, one problem is that they can consume massive amounts of time. What’s a congregation with limited volunteer and staff time to do?

This webinar presentation and Q & A session we will explore ways to integrate social media tools so content is automatically passed from one tool another. Starting with a traditional monthly newsletter content, participants will be shown how announcements can be shared via a blog format (for fee) and be set up to automatically  be shared via a Facebook page, sent out as a “tweet” on Twitter, and displayed on a congregation’s website.

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