Are UUs ready for the Revolution(s)?

Over at the blogs Yet Another Unitarian Universalist and Ministrare the question of whether  UUs are ready for social media revolution has been raised.

When I read their posts I immediately thought of our recent Ballou Channing District staff meeting.  We were discussion the theme of our Spring conference on April 24th.  It is going to look at the growing numbers of trends that are changing the way we need to “do church” in a changing nation.

Its important that UU leaders — all of them — start engaging with these issues.  The world is changing and this demands that our congregations change, adapt and/or evolve.   How many revolutions are we dealing with? How many huge demographic and cultural shifts?

If you’re in the Ballou Channing or neighboring districts, consider joining us for our conference this April. I believe the title of the conference is “Faith Forward:  Can Unitarian Universalism Survive?”

I will be leading a workshop looking at growth / change strategies we can use to meet the challenges and opportunities facing our congregations. I’d love for you to join us.

Here is a little more on the conference. I will let you know when the online registration opens. Should be very soon

This year, rather than one presenter we will focus the theme through three sermons embedded in an extended, dynamic, morning worship followed by five conversation workshops.  Presenters include Rev. James Ford, First Unitarian Church minister, Rev. Eric Wikstrom, UUA Director of Worship and Music Resources, and  Rev. Sue Sinnamon, Thomas Jefferson District Director of Faith Development. A detailed program and registration information will be sent in early March to congregation offices and church leaders.

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