Avatar – Pop culture, Movies and Sermons

This Sunday (Feb. 21, 2010) Amy and I are leading a Sunday Service discussing issues from the blockbuster movie Avatar.  When I mentioned to a friend that we were doing an “Avatar Service” the response was “Don’t you have enough to talk about without dragging pop culture into it?”

That’s the point.  Pop culture is what’s capturing our collective attention at any given time. What’s better than that to integrate into a service?

Using stories, illustrations and cultural references people have in common allows us to both cover more ground in a given amount of time,  potentially enriches these shared stories with more meaning, and can bring vitality to recurring themes.

When was the last time your congregation organized a group to go see a big blockbuster – one you knew was going to be huge — and had a service and corresponding one shot adult programs and/or small group ministry sessions about it?

You can visit the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) here to see what’s coming over the next 7 months.

Going to be in Newport, RI this weekend?  Join us at Channing Church at 10am for this service. Google Map – Channing Church

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