2010 UUA certification numbers online

Scott Wells blog calls our attention to the online listing of 2010 certification numbers for UUA member congregations.

Certification numbers listed include membership,  RE enrollement, average attendance and may be sorted by a number of fields including district, size, and average attendance.

I agree with Scott that it would be nice if it were easier to track trends in these data.  I know there is plenty of math being done by various staff and volunteer leadership to track how we are doing.  Why not have the data interface do this for us?

I’d like to see what the net change in membership is from the previous year, that number as a percentage, and some indicator of the trend over a few years.

Not everyone wants to see all this info, I know.  Let us remember that growth isn’t everything, and its hard to quantify health.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if part of the certification process included congregations submitting a number on a 5 star scale indicating the health of the congregation.   But how would you go about determining where a congregation is on such a scale?

2010 UUA Certifcation

7 thoughts on “2010 UUA certification numbers online

  1. “Why not have the data interface do this for us?”

    Presumably because the UUA don’t want to make it all *that* easy for people to see just how tiny and declining Unitarian*Universalist religious community really is these days. . .

    I take note of the fact that fewer than 980 congregations are listed, even though the UUA officially claims about 1050 congregations. Sure that low number may be due to 70 or so UU congregations failing to certify prior to the February 2010 deadline but who is to say that the UUA did not actually lose a number of congregations in 2009?

    1. There is no doubt that clear and easily accessible data makes the reality of the UUA’s health & growth (or lack there of) more apparent. My position continues to be that no matter how hard it is to face the trends, we need to be honest, face the facts whatever they are, and be transparent.

  2. It might interest you to know that I had a hand in persuading the UUA to update its old membership statistics available online in a PDF file which presented UUA membership statistics from 1961 through to 1999-2000.


    The new PDF file which provides updated membership statistics, albeit with some categories of information removed, is available here –


    It shows a steady decline in RE enrolments amongst other interesting data.

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