Multi-State Storm Puts UU Growth Blog on Ice

Friends, a quick update from the road.

This week I’m driving cross country with a friend, helping him relocate to RI post cancer treatment.

A monster storm has us stuck in NM for today. Yesterday we spent six hours parked behind a three tractor trailer truck accident on I-40, it closed interstate traffic East bound for the day.

Due to that delay and a monster ice storm in OK our drive is going to stretch into next week.

When I return I will be sharing registration information for our webinar series, as well as see what other topics you are interested in. After our district has had a chance to register, additional seats will be open to other districts.

I am going to look at redistributing how my hours are allocated to increase the number of webinars I offer.


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Tucumcari, NM

3 thoughts on “Multi-State Storm Puts UU Growth Blog on Ice

    1. Thanks Christine. At least now we have some amazing stories to tell. And don’t worry, NM was beautiful as we left. The entire landscape from Tucamcari to the border was covered in a layer of glimmering ice and topped off by a fine mist. Amazing…

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