Webinar Series

Friends, I’ve seen Persony, the webinar platform the UUA and many districts are using, and I love it.   I’m now set up on the UUA’s Persony webinar platform and have sat in on a webinar in another district.  Hope to attend one more before I lead my own.  Interesting seeing how different people use a tool with many capabilities.

Below is a sample screen from a Persony webinar.

You can see a main window which the presenter controls — chalk board area below. This can be slides (a la Power Point), video, or the presenter’s desktop can be shared with all participants.  I love the idea of webinars looking at social media and congregational websites with the ability to look at sites live as a group.

Sample Persony Webinar Screen

Below is a close up of the right hand side of the screen.

Top right is the profile picture for the presenter.

Below that is an attendee list. There attendees can virtually raise their hands, smile, and clap.

On the bottom right is a chat window. While the webinar is underway participants can use the chat to ask questions and comment on the topic being explored.

Sample Attendee List and Chat

2 thoughts on “Webinar Series

  1. I just attended my first webinar yesterday….and it was great! I’m looking forward to many more in the future. Hope you have great success with yours~

  2. Glad to see this technology is being adopted by the UUA and UU churches. My company uses webinars extensively, multiple times per week. It’s a key tool to keep a global work team on the same page.

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