Request for stats supporting Religious Education and Growth

Friends, a request just came in from a colleague seeking specific sites, reports and other documentation supporting the role of Religious Education in congregational growth. Here’s an excerpt:

Hi Peter, I’m reading through your growth blog, slowly but surely. I have a question for a board retreat this Saturday. I need to share with the board the way that RE programs help in church growth. Could you direct me to sites for statistical or objective reasons…

I suspect many of our religious educators and ministers have had to prepare briefs on of this nature.  I have not and therefore don’t have the resources at my finger tips, though I’d like to. Do you?

I was able to find an old Interconnections article on the subject, Sunday Services, Religious Education, Are Keys to Growth, but not too much else.  If you are aware of relevant resources could you please comment below or email me at

Religious Education and Growth.  It would seem to be a no brainer, but I know that across our association religious educators are fighting for funding, spending precious hours defending the value of developing outstanding religious educations.  Thanks to any of you have been advocating for investing in our children, investing in our faith.  It shouldn’t be so hard.

I’m hoping someone will come forward and say “Peter, this has been done! Its online at…..”   Anyone?

UPDATE (1/21)
I emailed a couple of people  I thought most likely to have resources of this type. Both said they have no research to point to. Nothing concrete at least.  Does it strike anyone as sad that our religious educators (volunteer and professional) are often put in the position of justifying the value of having top notch, supported and staffed faith development programs/ministries in faith communities?

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