A People So Bold – DVD, Discussion Guide, Youtube Videos

The UUA has recently released a collection of resources entitled “A People So Bold.”  Based video taped sessions with thirty-two Unitarian Universalist theologians, ministers, and activists, A People So Bold explores how might congregations be beacons of UU values for the larger world.

The A People So Bold resources include:

I hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing resource.  Consider running a workshop series using the discussion guide and DVD.  For $5 you can’t beat it!  Thanks to all who made this resource possible.

Event Notice:
If you are interested in this topic and are based in New England, note that there will be a congregational social action workshop with Dick Gilbert (Author of The Prophetic Imperative and other titles) on February 27, 2010. For more information  see http://www.channingchurch.org/walkthetalk/

A People So Bold  on Youtube

Below you will find the 17 segments of the DVD posted to Youtube, as well as the brief description of each video taken from Youtube.  I’ve included them here for ease of browsing and, hopefully, to encourage you to order the DVD.

1. Introduction: Intro to the whole video series, A People So Bold, Why, Who, What, How to Use.

2.  Roots 1: How UUism grounds us in our work for justice.

3. Roots 2: Time and place: Culture and theology, past and future.

4. Community: Embodiment, Emotional Connection, Sustainability.

5. How our stories about our past shape our present and future.

6. Power of love to do justice; how our beliefs shape our actions.

7. Good and evil; how to move forward despite our failures.

8. How to help one another live as faithful UUs.

9. Practices to deepen social justice work.

10. How covenants can strengthen our commitment to our mission and our work.

11. What it means to be a prophetic congregation.

12. Stories of prophetic moments in congregations.

13. How worship can ground our work; music as force of transformation.

14. Rituals to help us: rites of passage, coming of age, reconciliation.

15. Taquiena Boston reflects on how our faith holds brokenness and suffering.

16. Victoria Safford reflects on how our faith holds brokenness and suffering.

17. Metaphors

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