UU Voice, May It Rest In Peace

Thanks to all of you for your comments regarding the need for independent UU publications.

Yesterday I did a search for the UU Voice.  I was curious to see if there were any online archives.  I found very little. While searching I noticed that the domain uuvoice.org was not registered or had lapsed. I’ve taken to safeguarding UU domains that I don’t want to see suffer the same fate as uua.net and unitarianuniversalism.com, becoming either bible sites or generic ad delivery pages.

I will add that while researching I was thinking about an NPR story I heard Sunday after church.  The story “More Unclaimed Bodies As Economy Impacts Funerals”  (Weekend Edition, 5 minutes) talked about the unclaimed dead.  Searching for the UU Voice I had the image of a loved one stuck in a morgue somewhere, dead, but not buried.

I registered the domain uuvoice.org and have it parked on a blog with a small collection of UU feeds keeping it company.  Perhaps there can be an effort  to archive past UU Voice writings.  Or who knows, maybe it will be resurrected with a group of outstanding UU bloggers emerging, agreeing to syndicate select posts from their primary blogs on a shared UU Voice blog.

Archives? New UU blogging syndicate?  Either way I thought it was worth safeguarding the domain.

RIP UU Voice…

7 thoughts on “UU Voice, May It Rest In Peace

  1. Agreed. After I saw universalist.com and universalist.net be squatted, I grabbed (and am beginning to make something with) unitarianuniversalist.org, and a couple of unitarianchristian and universalistchristian domains.

    I should be on someone’s radar.

  2. If we’re going to have a New New UU Voice, what we really need is a good editor/publisher. That good editor/pusblisher would have the following attributes: (a) contacts with excellent writers whom s/he could ask for articles; (b) a compelling vision for a Unitarian Universalist periodical; (c) basic editing and design skills; (d) deep familiarity with writing for the Web; (e) ability and willingness to discover and embrace new online publishing formats when appropriate.

    I know lots of people who have attributes c, d, and e. I know some people who have attribute b. I know a few people who have attribute a. The only person I know who has proven that she has all five attributes is Jane Rzepka, who will resign as minister at Church of the Larger Fellowship in 6 months. However, I’ll bet Jane lacks the essential seventh attribute: (f) the willingness to take on the thankless volunteer task of publishing an online publication about which hundreds would complain and only dozens would love and truly support.

    1. Well said, Dan. Though I wonder if it is possible to have more of a “team ministry” model. Pull together some C-D-E people with an A-B. As for F, someone might find coordinating a new web based publication exciting. Especially if there is no copying to do. As for me, I’m signed on for the T. Make the tombstone.

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