UUA Hymnal is not the Bible when it comes to “Silent Night”

A last note on “Silent Night” as it relates to Mr. Keillor’s column. I’ve had the opportunity to check in on the version that our congregation uses, as well as some other UU congregations.  In the case of our congregation we’ve been using a version that places more of the original language back in compared to the UUA hymnal.  We have a “savior” line, a couple of sleep in heavenly peace’s, but no Lords.  Unitarian Universalist’s aren’t too keen on the Lords.

Good for people to keep in mind that the UUA Hymnal is not the Bible when it comes to the version of Silent Night that UU congregations are using.  In fact, I think many congregations print the music in the order of service for the Christmas eve service.

Our congregations are free and independent churches and many may be using a version that Garrison Keillor might delight in singing.  NOT that I am concerned with his position.    But I do think it is worth noting our independent nature. Many non-UUs following our conversation may not be aware that our congregations have such freedom.

I would like to end my participation in the so called “Christmas Controversy” discussion by wishing Mr. Keillor and all of you a very merry Christmas (Chanukah ended last night).

Mr. Keillor, if you don’t have plans we’d be delighted to have you join us for one of our congregations Christmas Eve services.  Here in Newport, RI our service is at 5 pm at Channing Church. You can find a Unitarian Universalist congregation near you here.

5 thoughts on “UUA Hymnal is not the Bible when it comes to “Silent Night”

  1. Umm, Chanukah doesn’t end until sundown today. Last night was just the last candle lighting of Chanukah in a day that reaches from sundown to sundown. So, one last time this season:

    Chappy Chanukah!


  2. Merry Christmas, Peter! Thanks for summing up the discussion so well in the last few days.
    I believe Mr. Keillor’s local church is in St Paul MN. Ironically enough, they have a special hymnal, used on certain occasions such as Christmas, that has all the original words of the old hymns intact. They also do a Christmas Eve pageant, a long tradition at this church. So if he wants Christmas, all he has to do is go to Unity Unitarian and there it shall be.

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