Pre-order “The Growing Church” our next UU Growth Blog Book of the Month

The Growing Church: Keys to Congregational Vitality

Our next book of the month, The Growing Church: Keys to Congregational Vitality , edited by Thom Belote is now available for pre-order from the UUA Bookstore. We’ll be looking at this title starting in February.

The following is the book description from the UUA Bookstore:

The Growing Church is an open invitation to experience the progress of some of our fast-growing congregations and to see ministry through the eyes of those who have led their congregations toward vitality and expansion.

Growing our movement is not an institutional need. Growing Unitarian Universalism is a moral imperative. It is the moral equivalent of feeding the hungry and housing the homeless. These essays by ministers who have led some of our fastest growing churches share their passion and their wisdom. This is essential reading for everyone who wants to see our faith thrive. – Peter Morales, president, Unitarian Universalist Association

These essays are far and away the best guide to congregational growth and vitality I’ve ever read. They provide both practical and spiritual guidance for those of us who are secret or not-so-secret evangelists. – Kathleen Montgomery, executive vice president, Unitarian Universalist Association

If you as ministers or as lay leaders want to see your churches get past the roadblocks, if you are willing to change a few bad habits and begin practicing a few good ones, read this book. Not only read it, but take it to heart. What you will find may surprise you. You just might like what happens to your church. – Dennis Hamilton, minister, Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church, Carrollton, Texas

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