Congratulations to the First Unitarian Church in Providence, RI

Recently I used my home congregation, the First Untiarian Church of Providence, RI, as an example of a church website in need of people — photos of actual human beings. I used them as an example knowing they would be adding new photos and some video content in the near future. I’m happy to announce that they have started the upgrade.

If you missed the “Is your church empty (online)?” post you may read it here.

If you recall, I highlighted the following photo as being beautiful but maybe not the most welcoming.

Now compare the beautiful empty pews to these people filled photos.

Photo by Richard Boober

Photo by Richard Boober

You can see more on their website. Well done.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to the First Unitarian Church in Providence, RI

  1. Of course, some of us consider the architectural aesthetics of a church building an important detail frequently missing from photographs on many church websites.

    When I look at a website, I want there always to be current, quality pictures with at least minimal bio of all professional staff. I want there to be pictures that depict the qualities of the primary spaces. Some of the details may render better in photos empty of people while other details show equally well with or without people. And, certainly I want photos that show the congregation doing whatever it is that the congregation regularly does, but always with enough detail or size that it is not eye mush.

    So, looking at the above three photos, I would say that the empty sanctuary is a beautiful shot that should not be abandoned unless there simply is not space for it. The second photo is so distant and without focal point that it comes off as eye mush to me. Discard it and replace it with something where some detail is discernible. The third is visually interesting, showing people at worship, with enough detail that, even given the relatively small size, is a good addition to a website.

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