Is your congregation’s RADAR on?

Is your congregation's radar on?

Here’s a question for all of you UU leaders out there.  Is your radar on?

A conversation this week about the Faith Formation 2020 report prompts me to ask.  You see, after I mentioned this report on trends impacting the future of our congregations the conversation went like this:

Peter: Are any of these trends on your congregation’s radar?

Anonymous: What makes you think our congregation has a radar?  We have enough to worry about focusing on this year.

If you know any congregations without any radar at all,  you might share this document with them (PDF).  It is a pdf version of a previous post on thirteen trends and forces we all need to be looking out for.   A growing number of UUA staff  and leaders of our congregations are talking about these.  We are lucky that a non-UU organization did our homework for us and identified these trends!  You can help your peers by bringing these trends and the Faith Formation 2020 reports to their attention. Give that radar a kick, see if it comes on.

Note that this raises a good question.  How far into the future is your congregation looking?  What is your process for keeping forward looking while tending to the demands of the present?

UU Growth Blog – List of 13 Trends from Faith Formation 20202 PDF

One thought on “Is your congregation’s RADAR on?

  1. Peter
    Thanks for calling attention to Lifelong Faith Associates, which is a great organization doing very fine work. I have used John Roberto’s work in my work as a UU religious educator and former district consultant.

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