UU Growth Podcast Episode #1 – Rev. Nathan Walker

Friends, this afternoon I interviewed the Rev. Nathan Walker, settled minister of the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.  Nate’s congregation has approximately 230 members, 100 new in the last two years!  During this 45 minute  lunch hour length interview we discussed the congregation’s worship associate program, membership process, PR / outreach club, use of media & technology, and social justice efforts.   This congregation has systems that work and are clearly powering their amazing growth.

Listen to the Mp3 of the interview here.

Thank you to Nate for being the first guest on the new UU Growth Podcast.  I’m still setting up the podcast proper but thought I’d make the file available immediately.  I am going to be researching ways to record better audio for future episodes.   Enjoy!

Listen to Episode #1 - Nate Walker

3 thoughts on “UU Growth Podcast Episode #1 – Rev. Nathan Walker

  1. I am a First Church/Phila member and long time leader, as well as an appreciator of Nate, so I don;t need to talk about him & his work: I am joyfully part of it

    Peter, the content of the conversation was very nicely organized. You did a good job sequencing the questions and picking up on some of the special things that Nate has organized/inspired/encouraged/made happen.

    The main problem with the podcast is in the audio reproduction: it sounds like both Nate and Peter lisp.
    I KNOW that Nate doesn’t. Also the timbre of Nate’s voice is a little higher than what was coming through my computer.

    The background sounds (music? drums? the phone rang and disturbed my train of thought) were irritating and diverted my attention from the spoken words. Or was that just the way my computer was streaming the audio?

    Suggestion: find a way to let people know at the beginning how long the conversation lasts.

    I think this general format is a great one for reaching ministers and church leaders all over the continent.
    And who knows who will happen in on the general conversation and be inspired!

    I look forward to future podcasts.

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