UU Growth Talk Radio

As I’ve been doing research into what different congregations, leaders/ministers are doing I’m struck by how much passion and talent we have in our movement.  That and how far behind we are in using technology and learning from our most talented people.

I love that the UUA has had audio DVDs and online audio of essays for leaders, the Drive Time Essays.  Revisiting this  — it came up in a couple web searches for resources — it has left me hungry for more talk with minister/leaders.  But not so much the voice actor reading a polished essay.  I want live, honest talk with our leadership.  More of a talk show / podcast with leadership.

Those who are growing congregations need to be heard.
Those who want to grow need support and mentoring.

Here’s what I’m going to do.  I have a couple of people I’ve lined up to talk to about media, technology and growth.  Instead of a private call I’m going to invite them to conduct our conversation like an hour “UU Growth Talk Radio” show…  Its not live, there are no callers (yet).  But the call can be recorded and shared for almost no cost.  Just our time.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Years ago when I was working more exclusively with small group ministry I did this with the Rev. Glenn Turner. The result was an audio CD as this was pre-pod.  It has since been placed online. You can listen to this interview here.

Do you like the idea of a UU Growth podcast / talk radio show?  If so, who would you want to be interviewed?

I’d love to talk with…

Who would you like interviewed?  Also, if you have something great to share / teach others related to UU growth and leading amazing congregations,  speak up. Volunteer.  We need far more voices in the UU growth conversation.

7 thoughts on “UU Growth Talk Radio

  1. I like the idea of relaxed and thoughtful conversations. As podcasts, they will allow the experience and wisdom of our members and congregations to be shared far beyond their respective churches.

    A similar idea motivated me to start the Be Spiritual podcast this summer (http://bespiritual.info). The podcast features conversations with UUs about their spiritual journeys and beliefs. I find it ironic that we UUs cherish our individual right to form our own beliefs, yet (in my experience) we have few forums in which to exchange and grow from each other’s explorations.

    Beyond simply enriching ourselves, though, my deepest hope is that the podcast will convey the wonderful diversity of our spirituality to those who are UUs but don’t yet know it.

    1. Thanks Gary. I just subscribed to your podcast. Our congregation regularly has services – often when the minister is off – where members share their stories, spiritual journeys and beliefs. I agree that we need to learn from each other. That is one of the reasons I have worked so hard to promote small group ministries a.k.a. covenant groups, chalice circles, etc…

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