Episode #1 of UU Growth Podcast will be “Creating the Sanctuary Without Walls”

The podcast may not be set up yet, but the guests are lining up.  Tomorrow I record the first episode with guest June Herold.  She is one of the masterminds behind the Arlington, VA congregation’s website.

Take a look at the site — social networking, video, blogs.  June talks about it as a sanctuary without walls.

From what I understand it is a massively customized ning based site.  I want to know how hard it was to customize – can you and I do it or do you need to be a social media ninja / rocket scientist?  Also, what has the impact of the new site been?  And what does June recommend smaller congregations do with their websites.

What would you like to ask June?

uucava.org screenshot

3 thoughts on “Episode #1 of UU Growth Podcast will be “Creating the Sanctuary Without Walls”

  1. Their website is amazing! I’m wondering several things —

    did they design it all first and then bring it into being whole cloth or did it evolve?

    do they see it as aimed towards those already within their congregation or those not yet involved? (I’m assuming that it’s some combination of the two — so what balance?)

    how much work is involved in keeping it up and who does it?

    what are the costs involved — initial and ongoing?

    and do they know what a cool thing they’ve got?

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