New blog from Almost Church author Michael Durall

Michael Durall
Michael Durall

Today I learned that Michael Durall (website), parish consultant and author, has a new blog.  Titled “Ten Minutes Or Less”  Durall describes the blog as featuring “Helpful hints for busy clergy and lay leaders. Readers are welcome to add their own ideas about things that work well in church.”

As someone focused on helping our congregations learn, evolve and meet the ministry challenges of the 21st century, I have been a fan of Durall’s for years.  Now I don’t always agree with him,   but I absolutely love that he does his best to hold a mirror up to our congregations, challenges us to do better, and calls on us to take our congregations where few  UU congregations have gone before.

From the conversations I’ve had UUs love his work, hate it, and everything in-between.  This is great. I love challenging purposeful debate. Without a doubt Durall’s writing gets us talking and reflecting.

For this  reason I highly recommend subscribing to Durall’s blog.

You may visit and read the blog at or, if you use a blog or RSS reader, subscribe to it here.

Do you know of other blogs that UU Growth Blog readers would appreciate?  If so, please comment and share links below.

I will be sharing thoughts on Durall’s latest title Almost Church Revitalized: Envisioning the Future of Unitarian Universalism over the next month.  In fact, wouldn’t it be fun to identify UU growth oriented books we can read each month.  Sort of a UU Growth Book of the Month Club?

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