Book of the month: The Almost Church Revitalized

I really like the idea of a book of the month.  Why not let you know what I’m reading and invite discussion?  That’s it. Its official!

The “UU Growth Blog Book of the Month” for December 2009 is  The Almost Church Revisited, by Michael Durall.  Perfect for some inspired action come the new year.  This title is not a reworking of the original Almost Church but an entire new edition.

You can order it from the UUA Bookstore here or directly through Durall’s Vital Congregations website with great discounts for bulk orders.

Have ideas for a future book of the month?  Comment below.

Almost Church Revitalized

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A Public or a Private Church?

Chapter 2. Why Unitarian Universalism Hasnít Grown and How To Turn That Around

Chapter 3. Leadership Makes It or Breaks It

Chapter 4. Creating Committed Members: New Ideas, Lasting Results

Chapter 5. Focus on Things That Are Important

Chapter 6. Making the Annual Pledge Drive Obsolete

Chapter 7. Five Helpful Heresies

Afterword: My Plea to Unitarian Universalism

2 thoughts on “Book of the month: The Almost Church Revitalized

  1. Loved The Almost Church and The Almost Church: Revitalized!

    A few others I’ve enjoyed thoroughly and recommend

    A Tale of Boxes by Rev. Robert Latham
    Moving On From Church Folly Lane by Rev. Robert Latham
    (both can be found at

    Kicking Habits by Thomas Bandy
    Activate by Nelson Searcy
    Community of Kindness by Sjogren
    Leadership on the Other Side by Bill Easum

  2. He is right on the shifts we need to make; a UU version of Reggie McNeal’s Missional Renaissance; I was disappointed but not surprised that many/some readers didn’t like or get his excerpt article in the UU World. Starting where he does with shift to public church is crucial because all other decisions are affected by that; I will blog more on my site and hope we can keep getting more folks to read him if they won’t McNeil et al, who by the way suffers the same blowback in his own denomination he told me.

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