UU Video Sermon Survey, How are you filming and sharing services?

Welcome to the 2009 UU Video Sermon Survey!

Friends, I’ve been getting a growing number of questions from congregations either video taping their sermons or thinking about it.

2009 UU Video Sermon Survey

They want to know how  others congregations are doing this. What gear? What video sharing service? You get the point.

I’ve set up a form so  you can  share  your congregation’s approach, gear, and sharing strategies with us.

Public Results
All results are visible to the public.  There is a place to list your name and email, but this is OPTIONAL  Again, its all public. Only tell us what you want the entire Universe to know.

Take the Survey

Share the Survey

Please help spread the word about this.  Its a smaller number (though growing) of congregations video taping sermons. If you have a colleague or friend working on this, send them the link.  You can also click here to share this post using any of the top social networks and bookmarking services. You can also just cut and paste the following URL into your Facebook status to link to this post:

Processing Results
When it seems like the results are in, I’ll digest and share the results  here and with Don Skinner of the UUA’s Interconnections e-newsletter and tipsheet blog and Shelby Meyeroff, primary author of the UUA’s new media blog.

4 thoughts on “UU Video Sermon Survey, How are you filming and sharing services?

  1. Peter, as you know I post a lot of YouTube (and Vimeo) videos at our Facebook “Unitarian Universalism” group, and I’ll admit that I forego others.

    The best advice I would give to congregations who are considering doing this is to have the microphone at the podium so that most of the background noise and distractions are minimized. On the video side, lighting also is an issue. Two cameras are better than one, of course, if you can do that — it will give the variety of close-in and wider shots, and of both the speaker and the congregation.

    I’ve heard both sides so far on the issue of whether to video the music segments of the service. Some people are afraid of copyright issues with the songs, while others are not. I personally don’t see a problem with videotaping both the music and the sermons, because the songs are in no ways being shown for profit purposes. The “religious right to worship” part should still carry some weight, I would think, as these videos are being used significantly by people (members, etc.), who are unable to attend a service. The video then becomes an extension of the church sanctuary. Again, it seems completely appropriate to me to feature the choir or the hymns in those videos.

    Finally, I would say “go for it”…please! I’m thrilled that we have these videos now, and can share them so easily with fellow UU’s, potential UU’s, and the general public. In my opinion, videos of services are light-years ahead of audiotaped ones.

  2. Peter, and all, there’s one more suggestion I would offer–from a “user’s” perspective. When you do a YouTube or other video, pay attention to the words you use in the title. They are picked up by search engines, and can determine just how many hits you get. I’ve seen some that just have date and time, with nothing about the church or the sermon title…and as you might expect they disappear into oblivion, except to those who are already “in the know.”

    For example, in addition to routinely checking for the latest videos using the term Unitarian (and sometimes Universalist), I do additional YouTube searches occasionally for tags like “UU” “All Souls” “First Parish,” etc.

    In the past I’ve found some excellent videos hidden away in the corners of the internet, with maybe 20 or 30 views, simply because few people knew they existed. Just a thought.

  3. Peter,

    First Unitarian in Albuquerque has been video taping sermons for a couple (few?) years now, and you can grab a history of them here: http://uuabq.org/Sermons/index2.php

    You can also subscribe to the rss feed here:

    This site will post on Monday or Tuesday, and the first link will give you the latest sermon posted for our branch congregations.

    We have also assembled several “how-two” docs on how we did things in terms of hardware and software.

    best regards,

    Dan Small
    iMinistry Committee

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