Growth “Reality Check” for my district, the stats…

The following statistics for the Ballou Channing District are from an annual report recently prepared by our District Executive.  Nothing like a little reality check!  I’m ready. Are you ready???  Make sure you’re  subscribed to this blog.  Not using a blog reader?  You can get posts automatically via email – click here to subscribe.

45 congregations — down 2 from last year
5339 total adult memberss as of February ’09  — down 145 from last year
3019 weekly Sunday attendance

Congregation Sizes:

14 congregations under 60 members
18 congregations 61 – 160 members
11 congregations 161 – 300 members
1 congregation 301 – 400 members
1 congregation  over 400 members

Membership Growth:
Decreasing  — 22 congregations
Increasing   — 16 congregations
No Change  — 7 congregations

Financial Support:
FY09 APF — full payment — 18 congregations or 40%
FY09 District Contribution — full payment —  28 congregations or 62%

What I’d love to see is the picture you’d get if you look at stats for growing, declining and plateaued congregations separately.  Often I think the thriving congregations make the not so rosie picture look even better than it is. The pluses and minuses average out…

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