Interested in a UU Television Network?

UU TVThis week a UU Television Network has come up in conversation multiple times.  UU TV is something I’ve been talking about since 2005.  As a television producer and UU growth consultant, it is exciting to hear that interest is growing.  But perhaps more that people are starting to grasp that the technology needed to make it happen is rapidly approaching.  2010 is a great year to start getting organized.  How’s January?

If we are organized, UU TV may be just around the corner.

The internet and television are fusing. “Television” as we know it is migrating to portable devices. More and more content is being delivered by independent producers through the web. Digital video production and increased computing power makes a new world of communication available. It is time for us to get organized and make UU Television a reality.

I can imagine a web based UU TV network  with a wide range of content for those new to our faith, existing members, leaders and more… Internet connected televisions will be able to connect to it the way we connect to a website today.  Only it will be a TV channel.  Scheduled program.  Full HD picture…

If you are one of the people excited by the idea of a real UU television network, connect with me.  I am gently gathering people who are interested, have media skills, hosting skills, writing skills, you name it…

How to connect:

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