Photos from today’s growth workshop in Brewster, MA

Today leaders from the eight UU congregations on Cape Cod, MA and the nearby Islands  met to discuss outreach and growth of younger membership.  The event including presentation on the challenges congregations are facing in ministering to/with these groups, review of trends from the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative, and break out session with groups focusing on youth, young adults and young families.

I will be sharing notes from this event later this month.  My Rev. wife is at Convo which means I’m not only leading growth workshops and guest preaching two services, I’m on baby duty.  A special thanks to all the grandmother’s in the area!  Believe it or not there are three of them, they are all UU, and at least one follows this blog.  No wonder I’m a UU church geek…

Here are a few photos from the workshop. Thanks to all of the leaders (lay and professional) who came out for this event.  The next workshop the Cape & Islands Growth Council is organizing is focused on social media and will be held in some college’s computer lab.  Very cool.

Full Group ~ 25 people.

Peter Bowden, speaker / facilitator
Break Out Group
Break Out Group

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