Grading the success of the UUA

Friends, I just read my district trustee’s report (Eva Marx is the BCD trustee)  from the recent October UUA Board meeting.  I have been wondering what has been happening with the shift to a policy governance model.  Clearly the UUA Board and past and present UUA Presidents have been very very busy.

Keep an eye out for your trustee’s report.  You may also read up on Linda Lasowski’s  board oriented blog.

In the report it discusses how the new model of governance has a “monitoring” methodology.  It reads:

The October meeting gave us our first experience with “monitoring,” a methodology designed to provide greater clarity and accountability. This approach has four components: 1) the President’s interpretation of what a particular policy means, 2) his rationale for why that interpretation is reasonable, 3) how he intends to measure progress on what he has identified, and 4) the results of that measurement.

I love that we are starting to talk about measurement.  Why?  Because measurement we can’t track how we’re doing without it. As Friend’s character Joey Tribbiani so often asks “How YOU doin’?

Do you even know?

Given the resources we invest collectively as an association in our ministry, and given the importance of this ministry, we have to know.  Personally I think that if we care we need to measure it.  Without it its hard to have transparency and accountability.  This is also an essential component of policy governance — the board sets the vision and ends to be achieved and the staff, in this case under the leadership of UUA President Peter Morales, works towards these ends.

As I understand it, you need policies, a vision, clear end statements, and then and only then can a plan be developed. This includes the four components listed above – interpretation, rational for that interpretation, how progress is to be measured, and the measurements.

So, measurement is a good thing. Right?  Then we can grade how well we are doing as an Association.  How would  you rate how the Unitarian Universalist Association of Conregations is doing?  I’m talking the whole UU enchilada, myself, our congregations, districts and UUA staff and board and general assembly included.

Next up, linkage. I know you’re excited…

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