UU Twitter Boom, UUA Twitter Lists, What’s Twitter?

Seems like there is a boom of UU congregations and UUA staff and campaigns moving on to Twitter.  I just discovered that our very own UUA President, the Rev. Peter Morales, has a uuprez twitter account.

My take on Twitter?  I find it is helping me to keep in touch with the reality of the people our congregations are serving. It is almost like a technological version of being mildly psychic. Activate that UU twitter-sense and all of a sudden I’m tapped into what hundreds of UUs,  UU friends, organizations and other denominations are up to.  It is especially useful for exchanging resource links.

There is a brand new feature of Twitter -Twitter lists!  Of the people you follow you can assign them to lists which you can view separately from your main stream of tweets. The @UUA has started a UU congregations list. With the explosion of Twitter’s popularity this is going to make it easier to manage the stream of information coming in.  If you’re congregation is starting to use Twitter you might sign on the new UUA programs and offices list. Instead of selecting individual accounts to follow this will give you updates for all the Twitter accounts the UUA puts on this list.  One click and your done.  New program? They can add it and you’ll get the that programs tweets. Slick!

If you’re on twitter you can follow me @uuplanet.   If you have no idea what Twitter is, here’s a nice little tutorial.

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