Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales

I’d shop at local bookstores but for some reason they don’t carry books for church geeks. Amazon anyone?

I just received my latest shipment of church geeky books.  The one I’m most excited to read is “Less Clutter. Less Noise. Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales” by Kem Meyer. She is on the staff of Granger Community Church.

Here’s an excerpt from the product description:

Do you ever wonder why people today aren’t getting your message? Maybe you can relate to how they feel–bombarded, skeptical, stressed, overloaded–looking for something amidst the pressure of life that will make a real difference. Your mission is as compelling as ever! But hitting people with more promotions, flyers and brochures isn’t helping them find the good news.  What if you could break through the clutter and find the direct route to their hearts and minds? It’s easier than you think.

What are you reading?

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