I’m heading over to the LREDA conference shortly. The conference planning team was kind enough to invite me to have a demo of playing in the lounge all weekend. The following video is part of the DVD that will be playing. It will also be featuring video content from the Standing on the Side of Love campaign and offering a preview of the UUA’s new “A People So Bold” DVD.

If you haven’t heard of (or seen), take a look. It is an outreach effort I’ve been working on the past year.  The site searches for UU video content from a dozen video sharing sites, notifies me of the available videos, I separate the grade A content-  grade UU? –  from the videos filmed in UU congregations and random people ranting about the false religions of the world. The “Grade UU” content is published and SHAZAAM!  All of the UU videos you’d ever want to show a friend are in one place.

I’ve had a number of people tell me they like to use as a way to explain our faith to others. When “What’s Unitarian Universalism” comes up, they say “Let me show you!”   You can also add  widgets to any website thereby having a constant stream of fresh UU video content.

2 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. So glad to meet you today, Peter! And we are THRILLED to have you here! The whole LREDA board has been really excited to include you in our conference! Your work is much appreciated!


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