New position as BCD Growth Consultant

Friends, I am excited to announce that I have been “engaged” by the Ballou Channing District (BCD) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as their new part time growth consultant.  I will be meeting with district executive Bill Zelazny shortly to hammer out the details.  Duties will include organizing a number of day long growth related trainings, cluster events, e-newsletter, and so on. How much of each to be determined.

I have set up this blog as the central communication hub for our growth work. There will be info about my position and various events on the district website. However, this site will allow more regular dynamic communication. Note I say “our growth work.”  Your congregations have a mission and growth is a part of it. I’ve accepted a mission to support you in this work, but I also have a larger overarching goal.  Over the last five years I’ve met many people who were upset that they found our faith later in life. Some came close to scolding me for our not doing a better job proclaiming our good news.  After imagining my life without all of you I’ve come to feel growth and outreach as something of great urgency.  There are people like you and me who are desperate to join us, they just don’t know we exist.

So my larger mission is to make sure that everyone on Earth who would be a Unitarian Universalist if they only knew we existed 1) find out we exist, 2) have our faith explained to them in a way that is clear and accurate, and 3) are able to find or start a congregation to near them.

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2 thoughts on “New position as BCD Growth Consultant

  1. Nice blog Peter. I hope you don’t mind if other UUs and districts “tag along” to borrow from your ideas and energy.

    I, too, have often heard the refrain “I’ve been a UU all my life, yet didn’t know there were others like me.” Let’s hope we can evangelize a bit more to get the word out.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hi Gary, I hope UUs from other districts will follow along. I intentionally gave this blog a title that I thought would be welcoming to all who are interested in growth vs. something district centric. We have a lot to learn from each other. Best, Peter

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